Ingredients - Organic PC

Commonly known as Lecithin

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is the main dietary source of choline, essential for many biological functions including structure of cell membranes, lipid (fat) metabolism, and nutrient absorption. PC compromises around 50% of phospholipids (cell membranes) in eukaryotic organisms, including humans. PC is found in all of our living tissues. PC is needed for production of the acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter present in the cell body of every neuron and its dendrites, and also controls the contraction of muscles. It is a necessary nutrient for proper liver function and prevention of fatty liver conditions.

Metabolites of PC provide methyl groups needed to turn the body’s homocysteine into methionine. Proper absorption and integration of these 2 amino acids is crucial for cognitive and cardiovascular function, as too much circulating homocysteine damages the arteries and can create blood clotting. It is interesting to note that deficiency of B12 and methyl folate can also result in high levels of homocysteine, which is why we also created the most profound B12/methyl folate product on the market. You can learn more about this revolutionary product HERE> [insert link to B12 Methyl Folate].

Adequate metabolism of homocysteine and methionine via PC carry a powerful role in reducing age-related decline of cognitive function, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. Proper methylation via intake of needed cofactors (substances required for enzyme activation) helps protect against CVD and keep the brain, blood, muscles, and liver at optimum functioning throughout the lifespan.

With PC occurring in all tissues, it is not surprising that muscle disorders show depleted amounts of PC in affected tissues. Defective synthesis of PC within the body is actually believed to be the culprit for muscular dystrophy. PC is needed for nutrient absorption, commonly depleted up to 70% in patients with ulcerative colitis (UC). Studies show that patients treated with PC had 4x more likely the rate of recovery, with the added benefit of reducing inflammation which improves symptoms as well as nutrient absorption including PC itself.

Phosphatidylcholine is found in Cymbiotika's Synergy B12 formula for maximum absorption and activation of the 2 bioactive naturally occurring forms of B12, active L-methylfolate (VItamin B9) for DNA synthesis, and Fulvic Minerals (Shijalit) for ultimate cellular function and detoxification of toxins and heavy metals, a must for those with MTHFR gene. Learn more about MTHFR gene mutation on our L-Methylfolate page.

PC is also found in Cymbiotika's D3 K2 CoQ10 formula for maximum bioavailability and source of acetylcholine. Combined with VitaShine™ D3 from lichen, K2 in MK-4 and MK-7 forms from fermented garbanzo beans, Beta-Carotene for appropriate Vitamin A levels, and CoQ10 for ultimate cellular, heart, and bone harmony. Our D3 K2 CoQ10 formula is revolutionary, in our signature micelle delivery system for maximum absorption.

ORGANIC PC is also found in Golden Mind, Regenesis, Rumi, Synergy Liposomal Vitamin C