Ingredients - Organic Cane Alcohol

Cane alcohol is a byproduct of sugar production, and acts as a potent yet gentle carrier and solvent for herbs and extracts. It can also help to preserve fragile ingredients, keeping them fresh longer. Carriers in cosmetic and skin products can be denatured or derived from petroleum, making them toxic - exactly what you don’t want to find in a healing product. Our cane alcohol comes from sugar cane, grown and harvested organically. It has numerous healing and cleansing properties while delivering therapeutic herbs and extracts into the skin.

Some alcohols are associated with a stinging sensation upon application. Cane alcohol does not create this stinging, rather it soothes and desensitizes areas that may be hypersensitive from burns, cuts, scrapes, rashes, blemishes, dryness, etc. It can also help keep the area clean, helping to remove dirt and debris that we may not noticeably see or that may be too sensitive to cleanse with soap. This organic cane alcohol is the highest level of purity, helping to deliver medicinal ingredients to the areas that need it most while cleansing and rejuvenating.

Organic cane alcohol is found in Cymbiotika’s Heal-All formula, combined with 500mg organic CO2 extracted CBD and other compounds to encourage and strengthen the body’s natural healing systems. We are proud to offer this synergistic perfection in the ultimate transdermal carrier system that rolls on easily, absorbs quickly with no residue, and gives a relaxing smell from the Limonene and Boswellia Carteri (Frankincense). It rejuvenates the top layer of skin with quick absorption, designed to remedy dry skin, redness, inflammation, UVB damage, sore muscles, cramps, bruising, swelling, mild burns, scars, bites, stings, and even sun spots.