Ingredients - Melatonin


Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced in the body to aid in the natural cycles of sleeping and waking. This is produced by the pineal gland in response to light or darkness. Melatonin’s purpose is not only to help the body sleep, but to communicate information to assess and repair organs and biological functions. Most supplements containing melatonin are synthesized and have short half-lives, helping with falling asleep but not getting most people through the night. Plant sources are more ideal as they release more slowly, mimicking the natural cycle of sleeping and waking.

Considering that melatonin is produced naturally in response to light, and very few people in the entire world remain in darkness after the sun goes down with the availability of electricity and light, we can hypothesize that most people do not have regular melatonin cycles as nature intended. Humans are designed to wake and sleep with the cycles of the sun and moon. Eye pillows are often used in yoga, meditation, and as a sleep aid for the darkness it gives over the eyes, believed to produce more melatonin and therefore relaxation during the experience.

We know that fragmented sleep offsets hormones and can quickly increase inflammation. Melatonin has been recognized as an antioxidant, giving insight to the multifaceted role that this hormone provides. Melatonin has even shown benefit for breast cancer prevention and for apoptosis of existing cancer cells. It is believed to have a strong impact on the functioning of every organ system in the body, and our understanding of its many roles is early in research

Melatonin is found in Cymbiotika’s Rumi Herbal Sleep Tonic to regulate sleep cycles. Our melatonin stands apart from most supplements due to its lasting release that keeps the body asleep during the night, just like the melatonin produced in our own bodies. Our goal is to replenish the body and restore the natural cycle of sleep, the most important factor contributing to overall health. Our Rumi formula works to help the body relax, balance the nutrients of the brain, and support a natural sleep cycle without sedation.