Ingredients - Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate

Natural Gamma Amino Butyric Acid

Magnesium Bislgycinate Chelate (MgBC) is a supplement used to treat magnesium deficiency, usually measured in the blood. It is the most absorbable oral magnesium supplement, with a 228% higher absorption rate than Magnesium Citrate (MC). While ionic MC is absorbable, MgBC is absorbed regardless of pH of stomach, diet, and other factors that normally affect absorbability. The chelated form we focus on here absorbs quickly and efficiently into bones and muscles for relaxation, rest, and natural soothing of the nervous system.

Magnesium deficiency is correlated with many diseases mainly involving smooth muscle such as the intestines, uterus, and many other organs. Ingredients, concentration, and sourcing make a big difference, with pure MgBC providing the relaxing and vital health benefits with none of the unpleasant side effects of Magnesium supplementation such as diarrhea or lethargy. When MgBC is chelated, which simply means to bind it to easily absorbable peptides like amino acids, suppliers that go the extra mile such as Cymbiotika will use a glycine molecule to remove excess MgO for pure, readily absorbable MgBC.

Magesnium Bisglycine in chelated form is found in Cymbiotika’s Rumi Herbal Sleep Tonic to aid in calming the mind, body, and brain for ease of falling and staying asleep. Our goal is to replenish the body and restore the natural cycle of sleep, the most important factor contributing to overall health. Our Rumi formula works to help the body relax, balance the nutrients of the brain, and support a natural sleep cycle without sedation.