Ingredients - Boswellia Sacra

Commonly known as Frankincense

Boswellia Sacra, commonly known as Frankincense or “Arabian incense,” comes from a small deciduous tree known for its ability to survive even the most unlikely environments. At 8-10 years of age it produces a resin traditionally used in many clinical applications, including Aryuvedic medicine. It is one of the oldest known medicinal and fragrant plant resins in the world. This resin has medicinal uses including inflammation, arthritis, asthma, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s DIsease, and many others that support its use as an ancient panacea for a variety of conditions and disease.

Modern clinical studies have shown efficacy for use of Boswellia Sacra in skin conditions such as Basil Cell Carcinoma (BCC), the most common form of skin cancer with globally increasing rates. Boswellia Sacra has shown an increase in apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancerous cells without causing redness, swelling, erosion, itchiness, or tingling associated with other treatments via case studies.

This resin has shown to dramatically reduce serum levels of liver damage in patients with chronic injury from exposure to cleaning product chemicals, particularly tetrahydrochloride. Research also supports its use for induction of cell death in human pancreatic cancer cells and tumor reversal in rat models. Further trials are needed but thus far has shown a supportive effect in cultured breast cancer cells, and several human case studies for use in treating breast cancer.

Boswellia Sacra is found in Cymbiotika’s Nexus and Heal-All formulas for its anti-inflammatory, skin healing, and wound-healing properties. Its ability to regenerate skin cells while reducing inflammation, swelling, and increasing blood flow make it an optimal choice for reducing inflammation while expediting healing in many forms throughout the body. Specific to our roll-on product Heal-All, it can speed up the healing process of scars, mild burns, and wounds while dramatically reducing the occurrence in both old and recent skin injuries. Combined with organic Full-Spectrum CBD, we are proud to offer the highest healing products available in their most absorbable form.