Active subscriptions will maintain its existing pricing, however, modifications will reflect the new pricing model.

Is it okay to take products together?

Yes, it is okay to take them together! Mixed together or separately throughout the day! It is simply suggested to take products at different times since they have specific benefits that can be more functional if utilized at the recommended times. However, taking them whenever you prefer or mixed together will not decrease health benefits or potency!

When is the best time to take your products?

Our products can be taken anytime, with the exception of Rumi Dreams, which we recommend taking 30 minutes before bedtime routine. 

Are all of your products organic?

Many of our products contain organic ingredients, however some of our products contain wildcrafted and biodynamic ingredients which are often higher quality than organic. All of our ingredients are Non-GMO and Free of chemicals, and toxins found in commercially grown foods. 

Are your products safe for kids?

We always recommend working with a pediatrician when considering our products for your children's health. 

Are import fees and taxes included in shipping and handling?

Only the cost of shipping is included. Recipient is responsible for all fees required by the receiving country.